We have a few fun updates for you.

1) Our music video we did for AF THE NAYSAY, "Post" is now live. You can check it out here. It was inspired by this quote from 'Slaughterhouse-5', 

"All moments, past, present and future, always have existed, always will exist." 

2) We wrapped principal photography on 'The Itch'. Editing is currently underway. Enjoy an image from set. WARNING: It's gross.

David McMahon plays with his arm fat.

David McMahon plays with his arm fat.

3) We've launched a new podcast! It's currently in Beta as we hash out some of our formatting and tighten up the running time. You can find our very first episode on Soundcloud. Once we get a few under the belt and are happier with the production we'll submit to iTunes and Stitcher. The podcast is "Football Not Football" where Andrew Cardy and Tim Driscoll will discuss the various happenings in and around the EPL and NFL. It's a great listen if you want to hear some inside-baseball knowledge and theories around two of the most popular sports leagues. 

4) And finally, we're also launching a new web series. The show, 'Stay Classy' will be an amateurs through bar stocking and cocktail mixing. The first episode will air August 5th!